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Asta 120

The marine aquarium light Asta 120 provides a beautiful, functional,economical way to light difficult aquariums,providing multiple modes and incredible coral growth!


Power Draw 120W
LED Source 1pcs COB(60pcs chips)
Universal Input Range 100-240VAC
Dimensions Length: 3.86 inches/98mm
Diameter: 4.4 inches/112mm
Suitable tank Size 60cm(L)*60cm(W) tank
Colors Saltwater, Freshwater



The Asta 120 supplies a suitable environment for marine and fresh water tanks, with Sunrise, Sunset, Moonlight, and Thunderstorm modes. All the facts have proven that the Asta 120 is the best choice.




Wifi Control

We use the newest and most popular technology DMX and PWM controls. 4 programmable channels with dimmer and timer. With built-in 2.4G module, multiple lamps can be daisy chained together wirelessly, and controlled by one wifi controller.




The Lumin Asta 120  uses a 120watt multi chip LEDs, each LEDs output has high lumens and intensity. LEDs are combined using secondary lens and the best material for light transmittance. Providing incredible coral growth.






Copper COB

CH1:10pcs Blue LEDs
CH2: 16pcs Cold White + 2pcs Red + 2pcs Green
CH3: 14pcs Royal Blue + 2pcs UV + 4pcs Purple
CH4: 10pcs Blue LEDs
Copper COB with high efficiency 3W Chips





Efficient Cooling System

Aluminum fins passive cooling and PWM technology to control fan's speed and noise, self-monitoring function, noise level is 29db, silent operation.