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Lumini Asta 150/200

The marine aquarium light Asta 150/200 provides a beautiful, functional,economical way to light difficult aquariums,providing multiple modes and incredible coral growth!


Power Draw 150W
LED Source 1pcs COB & 10pcs 3W LEDs
Universal Input Range 100-240VAC
Dimensions Length: 7.2 inches/203mm
Diameter: 6.2 inches/158mm
Suitable tank Size 60~80cm(L)*60~80cm(W) tank
24"~31.5"(L)*24"~31.5"(W) tank
Version Saltwater, Freshwater, Jellyfish



The Lumini Asta 150/ 200 supplies a suitable environment for marine and fresh water tanks, with Sunrise, Sunset, Moonlight, and Thunderstorm modes. All the facts have proven that the Asta 150/200  is the best choice. See more examples of growth under the Asta. See more examples of growth under the Asta150/ 200 :







We use the newest DMX and PMW control technology, enabling wifi control on Android and iOS device, 4 programmable channels, each has dimmer and a timer. 8 time points to customize intensity for 24 hrs cycle. Sunrise, sunset, thunderstorm, moonlight, cloud working mode. Daisy chain technology, program one light, all react together!





The Lumin Asta 150/200 uses a multi chip LEDs, each LEDs output has high lumens and intensity. LEDs are combined using 90 and 120 degree lens and the best material for light transmittance. Providing incredible coral growth.






Lumini Asta 150/200 uses a high performance adapter with CE, FCC certifications. With low energy consumption and minimal heat output, watch your coral grow and your energy bill shrink.






We know how important your investment is. We’ve designed the Lumini Asta 150/200  to be forward thinking, and allow for upgrades as the technology progresses. Like personal computers, LED technology is advancing rapidly. The Lumini Asta 150/200 is completely modular, allowing for upgrades as desired.