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Lumini Gemis 150R3.

Lumini led marine tank lights Gemis 150R3 is the most powerful aquarium light on the market! This amazing light will transform your aquarium.


Wattage 150W
120W 48pcs 3w double-chip LEDs
Input Voltage 100-240VAC
Dimension Length: 24 inches / 608mm
Width: 6.2 inches/158mm
Height: 1.96 inches/50mm
Beam Angle 70~100cm(L)*55cm(W) tank
27.5"~39.3"(L)*21.6(W) tank
Suitable Tank  Saltwater, Freshwater, Jellyfish



The Gemis 150R3 supplies a suitable environment for marine tanks with the sunrise, sunset, moonlight, and thunderstorm modes. Simulating natural environment for a nature growth rhythm.






Wifi Control

We use the newest and most popular technology DMX and PMW controls. 4 channels, timing and dimming, Auto, Manual, Thunderstorm, Moonlight working mode, with a 2.4 GHz Wifi wireless remote control. Our control is intelligent, daisy chain is compatible, lets your coral grow using automated parameters.





We use full 3w high power Bridgelux chips, these high intensity LEDs are combined with the use of 60/120 mix degree lens, providing high light transmission levels. Giving amazing results!






The Gemis 150R3 has four separate channels to control 100% of the usable light spectrum. Each channel has separate
dimmer and timer to achieve a greater effect, you can customize the spectrum by yourself.



8 x Cool White 3W 12000K Bridgelux LEDs
8 x Blue 3W SemiLEDs
20 x Royal Blue 3W SemiLEDs
4 x Day White 6500k 3W Bridgelux LEDs
2x Red 3W Epistar LEDs
2x UV LEDs run at 3W Edison
2x Green LEDs run at 3W Edison
2x Yellow LEDs run at 3W Epistar