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Master_Wi-Fi Controller.

Aqua System with for channel control use the newest Technology Wifi (802.11) Through the windows, Mac or Android Wirelessly connection



Lumini Aqua System uses the newest Technology Wifi ( 802.11) Through the Mac or Android and IOS Wirelessly connection.


  • The new standard in control platforms


  • Timing & dimming 24 hours cyclic


  • DMX intelligent control, much more steady signal.


  • Light intensity can be transformed from 0-100%


  • 4 channels, customize kinds of color bands by yourself.


  • Auto, Manual, Storm, Moonlight working Mode


  • Daisy chain technology, hundreds of lights share same signal.



Powerful Control

Lunar Cycle

Simulate the Lunar cycle with 29.5 days of moon phases

Synchronize your wave pump to the lunar cycle


Realistic cloud weather simulation

Thunderstorm simulation

Dawn/Dark , Sunrise/Sunset and moonrise/moonset


Customize led brightness to provides the ultimate view and growing conditions

4 independent light channels

4 channels 8 time settings that are complete configurable .