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LuminiGrow 450R2.

The LuminiGrow 450R1 provides a multifunctional working modesand economical way for plant growth!


Power Draw 365~390watt Dimensions Length: 52.9cm/20.8"
Width: 29.5cm/11.6"
Height: 10.5cm/4.13"
Weight: 6.7kg/15.0lbs
HPS Wattage Equivalent 1000w
LED Source 162pcs*3W double-chip LEDs
Universal Input Range 100-240VAC
Coverage Area 5.6ft*5.6ft/170cm*170cm Driver Mean Well
Beam Angle 90 Degree Certification ETL; CE; ROHS



LuminiGrow 450R2 light is the most cost effective way for growers to boost healthy crop yields. Supplying the compatible light spectrum which is 100% absorbed by the plant. High PAR performance.
This cuts down the plant growth period, only 2~3 months growth cycle. Luminigrow 450R2 is programmed for the spectrum sprouts and flowers, providing an automatic period.






Wifi Intelligent Control

We use the newest DMX and PWM technology , digital
signal demand, more steady.
You can program the lamp via Android or iOS devices.
There are 4 individually adjustable channels, each with
dimmer and timer, Veg, Flower, UVB, full spectrum
mode, daisy chain system. The LCD display indicates the
intensity in each channel and fans’ working status.
Steady and smart voltage auto-switching regulating power
supply, adjusts to the appropriate voltage for
international use.




 Heat Dissipation

Heat-tube cooling and speed-controlled fan to dissipate, 40% cooler than HID lighting, cool the LEDs below 50 °C.We apply PWM tech to control the fan, improving control of brightness, and control of fan speed and noise. With self-monitoring function, once the fan stops working, the LED brightness would darken to 20% so as to protect the light.





High Intensity

Many other LED brands are running with lower
wattage and lesser input current. We use full 3W
LEDs which are running at standard 700mA driving
current, providing high brightness, high efficiency,
longer lifespan. It provides high lumens up to
10000~12000 LM, which is more powerful, equal to
a 1000W HPS light.




2 x 4 pcs 6500K 3W Bridgelux LEDs
2 x 22 pcs Deep Red 3W Epistar LEDs
2 x 2 pcs IR 3W Epistar LEDs
2 x 23 pcs Red 3W Epistar LEDs
2 x 18 pcs Blue 3W SemiLEDs
2 x 8 pcs Royal Blue 3W SemiLEDs
2 x 4 pcs UV 3W Edison LEDs
Lifespan: > 50000Hrs