Lumini Master( Wi-Fi) Controller

o The new standard in control platforms
o Control any Lumini device by ourMaster
o The LuminiMaster can be connected via 802.11Wifi
o Simulate the tide cycle control the wavemake pump
o Multiple Join technology canmanger 30 lights with oneMaster
o DMX and PWMTechnology control the LEDs and heat radiation of Lumini Device
aquarium tank lighting-Lumini Master ( wfi) Controller
o Lunar Cycle
o Simulate Lunar cycle 29.5 days control the moonlight Britishness
o Simulate lunar cycle control your pumpmake different wave
o Weather
o Realistic cloud weather on your tank
o Simulate the thunderstorms
o Dawn/Dark , Sunrise/Sunset andmoonrise/moonset kinds of weather
o Customize spectrum for your Coral which suitable for growing and seeing
o Independence timer setup for device run
o 4 channels 8 kinds timers for your play day’s timer configuration in
fast forward.
o Dynamically changing LED’s configurations using DMX technology.
o PWMTechnology for detecting device’s fan and control the noise/spee
freshwater aquarium light-Lumini Master ( wifi) Controller