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LuminiGrow 100 Technical Specs.

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The LuminiGrow 100  specially for greenhouse ,
and economical way for plant growth!

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LuminiGrow 100w led grow lights


LuminiGrow 100 led grow light




LuminiGrow 100 uses one UL approved MeanWell
driver, integrated power supply, output below 48V,
safe and secure. Constant voltage and constant
current technology to protect the LEDs and extend
lifespan, while most brands only use constant current.

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Length: 19.00 inches
Width: 11.00 inches
Height: 4.30 inches
Weight: 17.00 pounds

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LuminiGrow 1000 led grow lights dimensions



LuminiGrow 100 greenhouse led grow light



LED Layout

Red LEDs
Deep Red LEDs
Warm white LEDs
Cool white LEDs
Blue LEDs

Lifespan: > 50000Hrs

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