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Lumini Asta 120R1.

Led light most advanced best choice!

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The Asta 120R1 is suitable for all stages of plant growth from seedlings
right through to flowering and works well with any indoor garden, whether
hydroponics or soil based.

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LuminiGrow Asta 120R1 diy led grow light
LuminiGrow diy led grow light PAR vaule



High PAR

With COB Integrated chips and 90/120 mix degree optic lens, Asta 120R1 is able to focus the energy directly on your plants, provide high PAR value up to 400μmol, boosting healthy crop yields.

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Lumini Grow System full spectrum diy grow light



You have fully control over Asta 120R1 grow light. 4 individually adjustable channels, timing and dimming, you can get the exact radio as desired.
The supplied Veg/Flower effect is great for plant growing with 100% usable spectrum. Full spectrum and out performs traditional 250W HID grow light system. HID and HPS produce excess heat that creates evaporation and burns plants.

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High quality yields

Asta 120R1 light is the most cost effective way for growers to boost healthy crop yields. It will not burn your plants or supply plants with unnecessary light Spectrum. The COB integrated chips will concentrate the energy on your plants and pride high PAR performance, so maximum light intensity can be received to produce high quality yields.

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Asta 120R1 diy led grow light

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