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LuminiGrow Bar 200 led strip light.

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The LuminiGrow Bar 200 is wifi controllable on Android and iOS devices,
it’s economical way for plant growth!

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LuminiGrow bar 200w led strip light



LuminiGrow 450R1 LED grow lights




Power Draw: 180~200 watts
0.8 A & 220V; 1.8 A &110V
LEDs Quantity: 68
Frequency: 50/60Hz
AC Cable Length: 4ft
Universal Input Range: 100~240VAC / 50 to 60Hz
CRI (Ra>): 75
Working Temperature(℃):-25℃~55℃
Driver: 1 x Mean Well Certification: CE & ROHS
Footprint : 2.4m*1.8m; maximum 4.8*4.2m

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Length: 120cm/48.0″
Width: 10cm/3.9″
Height: 5cm/2.0″
Weight: 17.00 pounds

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LuminiGrow 1000 led grow lights dimensions





Lumini Grow system led grow lights spectrum



LED Layout

21 pcs Deep Red 5W LEDs
2 pcs IR 5W LEDs
21 pcs Red 5W LEDs
9 pcs deep Blue 5W LEDs
3pcs 7200K 5W LEDs
6pcs Royal Blue 5W LEDs
4pcs 2700K 5W LEDs
2pcs UV 5W LEDs

Lifespan: > 50000Hrs

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