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LuminiGrow LED Strip light Bar 200.

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The LuminiGrow Bar 200 uses unique alumimum fins heat sink,
silent and cool operation, waterproof lamp body!

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LuminiGrow 1000 led grow


LED grow light growth effect
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High Power
We use full 5W LEDs which are running with 900mA input current, providing high brightness and PAR value, high efficiency.
Smart Control
Latest DMX tech, wifi App control via iOS or Android devices. programmable channels, developing various light recipes for plant growth.
Heat Dissipation
Aluminum fins heatsink cooling, exact quietly running. 70% cooler than HID lighting, extremly cost effective.
High Efficiency
Up to approximately 60% electrical saving compared to equivalent 600 watt HPS systems, saving money on your electric bills
LuminiGrowBar 200 is completely modular built, easy maintenance, allowing to be upgraded in the future as technology improved.

High Power

Many other LED brands are running with lower wattage
and lesser input current.We use full 5W LEDs which
are running at standard 900mA driving current, providing
high brightness, high efficiency, longer lifespan.
It provides high lumens up to 6000~8000 LM, which is
more powerful, equal to a 600W HPS light, large footprint.

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LuminiGrow 450R1 led grow for medical plant

Smart Control

We use the newest popular technology DMX and PMW control way, digital signal demand, more steady.
There are 4 individually adjustable channels, timing and dimming. Veg, Bloom, UVB, Full spectrum working modes, daisy chain is compatible, automatically save the setting parameter for the next time users’ setting.

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LuminiGrow intelligent led grow

LuminiGrow light high efficiency led grow

High Efficiency

LuminiGrow Bar 200 uses approximately 60% less
power than a 600 watt HPS lighting, and produces
crops with better yields.
Plants in different phases of growth require different
intensity light. It provides 4 adjustable channels
which allow you to save energy by reducing intensity
for young seedling.

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Heat Dissipation

Unique aluminum fins heatsink cooling, silent and cool
operation. 70% cooler than HID lighting, cool the LEDs
below 50 °C.


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LuminiGrow 450R1 quiet led grow light

LuminiGrow 450R1 led grow Upgradability



We’ve designed the LuminiGrow light to be forward-thinking. Modular PCB, modular LED, modular power adapter etc. Changing a module is as easy as plug-and-play. If any module got broken, free parts would be sent to you right away, what you need is just a screw driver. And this design allows our light to be upgraded as the technology progress.

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