Lumini Grow Light Repair Guide

Great thanks for helping us write this strip down journal:, hope it could help you with the maintenance of Lumni grow lights.

This is a strip down journal for the LuminiGrow 600R1 LED Growlight (the other models, 450R1 & 200R1 are all basically the same as this one as internals are the same).

To strip down
1. Lay LED on its top. So the LEDs are facing you.
2. Unscrew all cross headed screws from front of LED. (white part)
(these connect the side panels and the fan front panel to the case)
3. Now, unscrew the side hanging brackets (3 cross head screws for each side). Remove Hanging brackets.
4. Then turn the unit over, leds face down onto something soft, foam, quilt, anything.
5. Now unscrew all remaining cross head screws from the top of the unit (the blue part) and the sides (the white part).

Now the whole top of the unit will lift off. Be careful tho as there are wires inside connecting this top part to the bottom part (from the controller board that is attached to the inside of the top part).

6. Disconnect wires from the controller board itself and the whole unit will lift off.

The end panels now can be removed and the side panels gently pulled away from the led heatsinks themselves.

LuminiGrow 600R1 best led grow lights


To rebuild
1. Turn the unit over (so the leds are now facing you),you will notice the two led diode panel covers (clear ones) sitting there, or still stuck to the led panel itself, if they have fallen off, don’t panic.

2. To replace them, reattach the side panels to the sides, then slide the covers in from the ends.
There is a groove In the sides to slide it into. very handy.

3. Now connect the end panels.

I also find that connecting the side panels then the end panels the easiest way, but prepare for a bit of a struggle, it is a tight fit so do not tighten up the screws at the ends of the side panels fully, insert the end panels, then tighten them all up.
This gives you a bit more ‘play’ to move the panels about so they slot together nicely.

4. This is a very handy way of removing the led cover itself in the future if you need to replace a led diode, just take off the hanging bracket, undo the end screws (4 of them) and pull end panel out, the cover will then slide out.

5. Now turn the unit back over, LEDs facing down, and connect all the wires inside.

LuminiGrow 600R1 best led grow lights

Make sure they are tidy and do not fall into the fans below! Tie them up more securely to the inside of the top part.

6. Replace all screws. reattach the side hanging brackets.
That’s it. This is a closer picture of the controller board itself.

LuminiGrow 600R1 best led grow lights

Its main purpose is to supply power to the fans, send power to the leds & to process signals from the controller itself controlling the intensity of 4 independent spectrums.

Take a picture of this board before removing, so you don’t forget where the pin connectors go.
Plus make sure the wires are not hanging down into the fans underneath.
Or you will build it all, switch it on and hear a loud noise coming from inside as the fan blades make contact with the wires, not good.
Prevention is the cure here. so make sure all the wires are nice and tidy, use cable ties if you have them.
One final thing, when you check the leds, take a picture, no need to get led blindness.

LuminiGrow 600R1 best led grow lights


and here she is after rebullding, working as normal but a lot cooler, so cool in fact, you can now run it in a cab with no heat issues. Providing the cab has extraction at the top like this one does.

LuminiGrow 600R1 best led grow lights


And that’s another one stripped and revealed ‘how to’.
Just helps all you owners out there who perhaps are terrified about whats inside plus the length of time it would take you to send it back yourselves overseas, if that’s where it was purchased. Now you can open the box and have a go.
Just one word tho peeps, don’t leave it plugged in when ya stripping it eh?
Safety first. Check and double check. Sorted.

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