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LuminiGrow 200R1.

Led light most advanced best choice!

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The LuminiGrow 200R1 is perfect for indoor Plant
cultivation during clone, vegetation, growth and
flowering stages!

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Luminigrow 200R1 grow lamp



LuminiGrow 200R1 high PAR grow light




High PAR

We use full 5W LEDs which are running at standard 1000mA driving current, providing high brightness, efficiency, long lifespan.
It provides 7000~8000 LM, which is more powerful than other grow lighting, equal to a 600W HPS light.

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LuminiGrow 200R1 grow light full spectrum




LuminiGrow 200R1 provides full spectrum from UV to IR to stimulate plant growth. 100% absorbed by plant growth. With the use of our Smart Controller, growers can customize the exact spectrum, intensity for all phases of growth and all plant types.

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High quality yields

The LuminiGrow 200R1 provides your plants with the perfect blend of light for all stages of plant growth. 100% of the LEDs light is absorbed by plants compared to just 10% of traditional HPS lighting. Plants grown under the LuminiGrow 200R1 produce lush leaves, big buds, and flowers.

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LuminiGrow 200R1

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