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DANK 1000 Performance.

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The LuminiGrow_DANK 1000 provides a multifunctional working modes,
and economical way for plant growth!

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LuminiGrow 450R1 high power grow lights
LuminiGrow high PAR grow lights


High PAR

LuminiGrow_DANK 1000 provides a greater effect in the lighting performance.The 90 degree secondary lens focus the energy directly on your plants. Acrylic panel of high transmittance, which gives high euphotic index and together provides high PAR value up to 850μmol, boosting healthy crop yields.

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LuminiGrow 450R1 full spectrum led grow lights

Full Spectrum

LuminiGrow_DANK 1000 provides full spectrum from UV to IR to stimulate plant growth. 100% absorbed by your plant. It can work well with any vegetables, flowers, medical plants.
With the use of our intelligent controller, growers can customize the exact spectrum, intensity for all phases of growth and all plant types.


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High Quality Yields

LuminiGrow light is the most cost effective way for growers to boost healthy crop yields. It will not burn your plants, or supply plants with unnecessary light Spectrum. The secondary lens will concerntrate the energy on your plants and provide high PAR performance up to 850μmol, so maximum light intensity can be received to produce high quality yields.

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full spectrum grow lights

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