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Master_Wi-Fi Controller.

Led light most advanced best choice!

Lumini Master Controller

Lumini Grow System uses the newest Technology Wifi ( 802.11) via the
Android or iOS wirelessly connection, never off signal.

  • The new standard in control platforms
  • Timing & dimming 24 hours cyclic
  • The latest DMX intelligent control, much more steady signal.
  • Light intensity can be transformed from 0-100%
  • 4 adjustable channels, customize kinds of color bands by yourself. 
  • Auto, Manual, Bloom, VEG, UVB, full spectrum working modes

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Lumini Grow system Master wifi controller

Digital Signal Command

Master Controller uses digital signal control technology which allows the controller to transmit a digital signal to the decode board by wireless connection. Digital signals transform to PWM signal. It decodes with 256 gray scale and can supply a smooth
independent signal intensity(dimming), much more steady.

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Smart controller

wifi intelligent led grow lampe


Powerful Control

Daylight Mode

  • Individually create the best blend of spectrum, intensity for all phases of growth and different plant types as your desire
  • 8 independent high-precision light timers to keep the light automatically running

Manual Mode

  • 4 independent light channels, fine-tune the intensity in each channel

Multiple Woking Modes 

  • Bloom, VEG, UVB, Fully spectrum working modes, simulating exact spectrum for plant growth
  • Setting up ON/OFF time for different mode

Dynamically changing LED configurations using DMX technology.
PWM Technology to control the fan speed,helps reduce noise

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Simply Setup

Attach the Wifi Master Controller to Lumini lighting fixture, and search the Master’s Singal through your iPAD, Smart phone. Then you can program you lights through our software. We have released both Android and iOS App, please search for “Lumini Control System” on Google Play or Apple App store to download. User name is: lumini. Password: lumini123.

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Lumini led grow lampe wifi control
led grow controller
led grow lampe wifi control
led grow lampe controller



Lumini led grow lampe intelligent controller




4 Programmable Channels

4 channels with 100% usable spectrum for plant growth.
Each channel has a timer and dimmer. It allows you to
fine-tune the light during the growth period, from seedling
to harvest, develop different light recipes for crops.
4 dimmable channels also enable you to save energy by
reducing intensity for young seedling.

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Daisy Chain

Hundreds of lights can be daisy chained together by one Master Wifi Controller, synchronously working together.

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Lumini led grow light daisy chain


Lumini led grow lamp wifi control


Android and iOS App Download

Scan QR code on the left with your Android fixture, download Lumini
Android App and install it. Or please search for “Lumini Control System”

on Google Play or iTunes.

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