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LuminiGrow 600R1.

Suitable for all stages of plant growth more...

Project Description

Suitable for all stages of plant growth,the brightness is equal to a 1500w HPS.

Lumini Grow Systems,a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED grow lighting, proudly announces the release of the LuminiGrow 600R1 model. It will bring new features and innovations to the industry and raises the bar for the competition.

LuminiGrow 600R1 provides full spectrum from UV to IR to stimulate plant growth. 100% absorbed by your plant.with full 5W LEDs which are running at standard 1000mA driving current, providing high brightness, efficiency, long lifespan. It is the most cost effective way for growers to boost healthy crop yields.

A unique form of spectral design, for precise color blending and optimal plant growth. With the new design light intensity can be varied on four independent channels, to find the desired color and intensity mix. We use the new and popular technology, DMX and PMW to control 4 channels, giving each channel a dimmer and a timer.including VEG,UVB,Bloom and Full spectrum modes.

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  • Date November 7, 2014
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