400W LuminiGrow 450R1

LuminiGrow 450R1 is our hot seller and fairly mature product. It has gone through long term test, and we have upgraded it for many times to achieve best performance, the grow tests have proven that LuminiGrow 450R1 has great effect on medical plant, vegetables growth, providing high quality yields. 

And this light has the best cooling system, large aluminum heatsink, 3 quiet smart fans are running at 3000RPM,  LEDs are cooled below 50 °C. The speed and noise of fans is under control. Because we apply PWM technology to control the fans, the speed changes with wattage. And the fans have self-monitoring function, once the fan stops working, the LED brightness would darken to 20% so as to protect the whole light.

luminiGrow 450R1 growing lights

LuminiGrow 450R1 provides full spectrum from UV to IR to stimulate exact environment for plant growth. 100% absorbed by your plant. Spectrum can be customized by yourself.

full spectrum growing lights

We use the latest DMX and PWM control technology, improving control of brightness,  fan’s speed and noise. 4 dimmable channels also enable you to save energy by reducing intensity for young seedling. And wifi control version is coming very soon, you’ll be able to control your lights on computer or smart phone!

full spectrum growing lights

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